Lead with FAITH

Lead with FAITH

Building a Strong Foundation so You Can Rise Up, Slay Fear, and Serve Well

You don't have to check your faith at the door when you enter the workplace; in fact, you shouldn't. Your faith in an integral part of who you are, and it can serve as your foundation for exceptional, courageous leadership. In Lead with FAITH, Sarah L. Johnson explores how you can be true to yourself while serving others well.

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About the Book

Conflicts with colleagues.
The death of an employee.
Personal devastation.
Disruptive culture.
Threats of violence.
Lack of funds.

You may be facing one—or all—of these challenges, and yet as a leader, you are called to be the one who guides, encourages, and equips others to be their best. Without a solid foundation, it will be difficult, if not impossible to stand up to these inevitable challenges, much less lead your people well.

In Lead with FAITHSarah L. Johnson offers a practical framework for leadership that will strengthen and steady you as you face the giants in your path. You’ll discover how FAITH can help you lead with grace and courage when you are Free to be authentic, Affirmed in your purpose, Intentional in your efforts, willing to embrace Transformation, and brave enough to lead with your Heart.

In a culture that seeks to dilute the power of personal faith, the stories and guidance in Lead with FAITH will embolden you to rise up, slay fear, and serve well.

Genres: Christian Living, Entrepreneurship, Inspirational, Leadership
Publisher: Courageous Heart Press
Publication Year: 2020
ASIN: 1950714012
ISBN: 9781950714018
List Price: 17.97
eBook Price: 6.97
“As I read and reread Lead with FAITH, this love letter to a Higher Power kept bringing me back to the root of servant leadership: a loving relationship with our God, alongside a faith family that will nourish us spiritually so we can positively influence and inspire as we help others fight their fears and live wholeheartedly. From knowing yourself to honoring your strengths, from recognizing your areas for growth to setting self-improvement intentions, this comprehensive leadership manifesto seamlessly weaves Sarah’s personal experience as a teacher, a mom, a wife, a principal, and an entrepreneur into wisdom and resources from educators in the field that’ll help us lead and grow. Thank you, Sarah, for sharing this vulnerably raw and refreshingly transparent look into your passionate run from fear-based hanging on to faith-based living strong.”
– Barbara Gruener, counselor, speaker, author of What’s Under Your Cape?
“Sarah Johnson is on a mission to help us all make a bigger impact on the people we lead. In Lead with FAITH, Sarah guides readers through a journey of self-discovery and a deep dive into spiritual beliefs. Sarah’s inspiring personal story is integrated throughout the book to illustrate the power of faith-driven leadership. The path may be long, but Sarah reveals the beauty of leaning on His strength through the hills and valleys. This book provides the encouragement leaders need to keep praying and keep slaying.”
– Julie Hasson, EdD, Nina B. Hollis Endowed Chair in Education at Florida Southern College, founder of Chalk and Chances, author of Unmapped Potential
“Life is filled with ups and downs, and even more so if you’re in a leadership position. It is so incredibly easy to find yourself on a ‘hustle and bustle’ track just trying to survive work and life, yet knowing you are not at your best. In Lead with FAITH, Sarah vulnerably opens up while also sharing stories from other leaders to help you see that you are not alone. She will take you on a journey to reclaim the core of yourself so that you too can Lead with FAITH.”
– Jessica Johnson, principal and coauthor of Balance Like a Pirate
“Sarah reminds us that faith is not a passive descriptor, but a verb that allows for deeper relationships to form. Through her faith in the One who called her, Sarah has literally helped save my life, allowed me to understand my purpose, and begin to reacquire a faith that was left dormant for far too long. Lead with FAITH is not an answer to leadership; it is the answer. By acknowledging your place, your purpose, and your calling, you are able to stand beside others and lead them to where they need to be as well. Sarah, you have helped save destinies with this book. I am grateful for your willingness to respond to the still small voice that challenged you to write it. You, my friend, are an example to all.”
– Dave Schmittou, EdD, executive director of curriculum and instruction, speaker, and author
“Leadership, in any facet, is a difficult task, and Lead with FAITH is the exact book I needed to read. Sarah does a masterful job of showing what authentic and genuine leadership is through her own heartfelt stories of trial and pain. This book is an amazing tool on how to become a faith-based leader and how the Holy Spirit is able to use our gifts, love, and compassion to empower us to lead with a true purpose.”
– Joshua Stamper, assistant principal, speaker, and host of Aspire: The Leadership Development Podcast
“If you’re looking for a book that both inspires and grounds you in your faith while leading in bold and sustainable ways, look no further. This is it! As the 2019 North Dakota Teacher of the Year, a pastor’s wife, a keynote speaker, and advocate for kids everywhere, I cannot give Lead with FAITH high enough praise. Sarah is a highly talented practitioner, and she has ignited me and equipped me with ideas I’ve implemented at school, at speaking events, at church, and at home. In Lead with FAITH, Sarah quotes Scripture directly from the Bible and connects it practically to modern-day leadership. The spiritual impact has been immediate and profound.”
– Kayla Dornfeld, 2019 North Dakota Teacher of the Year, author, and CEO, Top Dog Teaching Inc.
“Lead with FAITH reads like a warm blanket wrapping you up and comforting you on a cold day. Sarah Johnson intertwines the often-missed factor of faith in one’s leadership journey with stories and resources that reflect, build, and strengthen the leadership potential in all of us. Bringing the spiritual element of faith through biblical references helps to discover our true purpose and calling for not only our work but our lives.”
– Neil Gupta, EdD, district administrator, Ohio
“In Lead with FAITH, Sarah Johnson empowers readers to live aligned with their own story and to lead confidently in faith at work, at home, and in life. She helps us uncover deeply rooted connections between foundational leadership and spiritual truths. By eloquently and vulnerably sharing her own leap of faith, Johnson will inspire readers to overcome fear and slay their personal giants, by building firm foundations to rise up and bravely, relentlessly, leading with faith, right where they are.”
– Thomas C. Murray, author of Personal & Authentic, director of innovation, Future Ready Schools
“Lead with FAITH by Sarah Johnson will push you to reflect on your personal spiritual journey and help you begin to understand your tendencies and appreciate the beauty of your own flaws. Wherever you are on your journey, Johnson will inspire you to lead with more faith and less fear as you affirm your purpose in your daily work and life. The book is filled with vignettes from current practitioners who have shown a commitment to leap past their own fears on their spiritual quest to living a more purposeful life.”
– Jimmy Casas, educator, author, speaker, leadership coach
“Sarah Johnson has written a beautiful, soul-moving book. Lead with FAITH is full of Scripture, heart-wrenching stories, and useful tools that have readers making connections to their own lives and embarking on a journey of self-reflection. Readers will know Sarah’s heart and faith, her flaws and failures, and her intense determination to lead with faith, and it will inspire them to seek more from their own lives.”
– Allyson Apsey, principal and author of Through the Lens of Serendipity
“Lead with FAITH is a compass for educators to guide their journey in school and life. Sarah pours her heart out in this manifesto of a life worth leading. Her natural ability to share with humor and humility allows readers a comfortable seat at the table to the journey she takes you on in this book.”
– Jessica Cabeen, nationally distinguished principal, author, and speaker
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