Lifted Book Study | Week 5, Chapter 13

Love keeps no record of wrongs. 

You may know that truth from 1 Corinthians 13 well, having heard it at countless weddings. You may have the passage hanging on the wall as a piece of art in your home. You may even be able to recite the words by heart. 

But there’s a difference between knowing something and actually living it out . . . especially when it comes to the way we think about ourselves.  If love keeps no record of wrongs, why are we so good at remembering our failings  and past mistakes? Or as Lindsey asks in the final chapter of Lifted,

“Why am I quick  to believe  what  the  Bible  says  about  my  sin  but slow to believe what it says about my forgiveness?”

In your quiet time today ask yourself . . . 

  • What mistakes do I remind myself of (berate myself for)?
  • What do I need to do to forgive myself?
  • Do I need to apologize to anyone?
  • Am I willing to feel the transformation that comes with forgiveness?

If you are a Believer, you might also ask yourself if Jesus is able to forgive any mistake—no matter how big or small? 

(Spoiler alert: He is.)

Freeing yourself from the fog of fear, obligation, and guilt often begins with forgiveness.

It’s time to clear the slate.