Lifted Book Study | Week 4, Chapter 10

Don’t Believe the Lies

Confession: When I first read this chapter, I immediately Googled “Underoos” to see if they are still a thing. They are. And they have some for grownups! I’ve got a Wonder Woman set picked out for my Christmas wish list this year. ?

When I was a kid, my best friend and I played “Wonder Woman” for hours. I’m not talking about a Netflix binge; Netflix didn’t even exist way back then. No, I mean we played—outside. I’d race around the yard in my invisible jet, we’d use our lassos to get the truth out of people, and deflecting bullets with my bracelets? Piece of cake.

In Chapter 10 of Lifted, Lindsey shares her own superhero story. Her fave was She-Ra. This tough beauty, too, could do it all.

Lindsey and I grew up thinking we had to do it all—perfectly—just like our superhero role models. Maybe you did too.

But that’s a lie. You are amazing and strong and capable, but you don’t have to be everything to everyone all the time to be worthy of love and acceptance.

In this chapter, Lindsey talks about some of the most common lies women believe about themselves. Lies like . . .

  • I rarely meet the expectations others set for me.
  • The more I do, the more I’m worth.
  • I can please others by going along with the crowd.
  • I have to give 100 percent to my children and husband at all times.
  • I’m failing.

What’s interesting is that we are unlikely to believe those lies about anyone except ourselves. You would never tell your friend, sister, mother, or daughter that she needs to do more if she wants to be worth more to you. And if someone told your child that their personal value was measured by their accomplishments . . . my guess is that lie would make you angry enough to set the record straight.

So isn’t it time that you ditch the lies you tell yourself?

I love Lindsey’s advice here:

“Just show up, give what you have to give, and trust that God will multiply your efforts when you are faithful to Him. Even as you give and grow, keep in mind that who you are to God has nothing to do with how good a wife / mom / business owner / volunteer/ chef / caretaker /   (fill in the blank)  / you are. In other words, stop trying to earn God’s grace and love. It’s already yours—if you are willing to accept it.”

Jesus lived a perfect life so you don’t have to—because you can’t.

That’s a truth you can rest in.

What truths do you need to remind yourself of?