Lifted Book Study | Week 3, Chapter 8

Will you be my friend?

Do you remember the days when it was acceptable to walk up to someone and say, “Wanna play?” or even “Will you be my friend?”

When you’re in preschool or even junior high, making friends is as simple as finding someone who likes what you like and spending time doing that together—whether it’s playing with LEGOs or Barbies, listening to music way too loud, or hanging out at the mall.

As an adult, though, it would seem a bit awkward to walk up to someone with an offer of “Wanna play?”

In Chapter 8 in Lifted, Lindsey shares a few thoughts on friendship—from evaluating our relationships’ health to finding friends that build us up rather than tear us down. As you read this chapter, think about your own friendships:

  • Who makes you better?
  • Who pulls you down?
  • Who inspires you?
  • Whom do you want to inspire?

If you look at your life and think I need some new friends, check out this summary from the tips Lindsey shares in Lifted.

5 Simple Tips for Finding New Friends

  1. “Put down your phone, book, planner, or whatever else you stare at when you are at kids’ events or the park,” Lindsey writes. If you’re using those things so you don’t feel or seem lonely, know this: your book or phone may be acting as a force field that prevents people from talking to you. Put it away, look up, smile, and engage in conversation with the people around you.
  2. “Choose your seat wisely and change it often at all events you attend regularly.” Sit by someone new!
  3. Connect with the people you meet in real life on social media. When you meet someone whose company you enjoy, tell them! And then ask if you can connect online to stay in touch.
  4. “Join the club, meeting, Bible study, or new gym in town.” Go to places where other women are already meeting. Chances are, they are there because they crave connection too.
  5. “Stop waiting for someone to invite you to something and instead create your own event.” Plan a girls’ night out. Keep it simple! It doesn’t have to be a huge group; in fact, it may be easier to get to know people in smaller settings of two or three.

For more on finding friends, listen in on one of Lindsey’s most popular podcasts: “Making Friends as an Adult.” (Evidently, there’s a lot of women who need friends! Why not be the one to make the first move?)


Share your thoughts! How do feel about making new friends as an adult?