Lifted Book Study | Week 2, Chapter 4

What if . . . ?

Those two little words can push us toward possibility . . . or regret.

What if your big dreams come true?

What if you try . . . and fall flat on your face?

What if everyone sees your mistakes?

What if you do become the person God created you to be?

In Chapter 4 of Lifted, Lindsey shares a personal story of challenge and miscalculation that led to defeat, embarrassment, and demoralization. Have you been there?

She shares that she ran through all the what-if scenarios that could have prevented the failure she felt. And when she’d exhausted herself, she started another what-if list:

  • What if instead of complaining to God, I actually stopped and listened to His direction?
  • What if I found out He had been guiding me all along?
  • What if all His promises are true?
  • What if none of the failings I was facing were God’s doing, but rather satan’s efforts to manipulate me into thinking they were?
  • What if this failure is a setup for a stellar comeback?

Today, consider the regrets and losses you’re dealing with now (Everyone has something!) and ask, What if God is trying to teach me something? What can I learn? How can I grow?

And then, with the possibilities in mind, take your first step toward your big comeback.

What are the what ifs that are holding you back? What are the what ifs that inspire you?