Lifted Book Study | Week 1 Introduction

Hello, Courageous Friends!

Welcome to the Lifted Book Study! I’m Erin Casey, the publisher at Courageous Heart Press, and let me tell you that I am both excited and encouraged that you are here. Just you showing up means that I’m not alone in the desire for more out of life—more meaning, more purpose—and LESS (Much less, please!) stress, fear, guilt, and that nagging sense of all the should bes and should dos.

As we kick off this study, I want to share a little insight into what to expect. First, we’ve designed these studies to be done at your own pace, together.

At Your Pace

I want to encourage you to make space in your day to read and then reflect and write down your thoughts. You may go through the chapters quickly each week, reading them all in one sitting, or you may space them out over several days . . . or even longer. That’s okay!


We created this as a community book study so we can support one another as we each intentionally move toward becoming the women God created us to be.

So as we go through the book, we invite you to leave comments on the studies. Share your thoughts and a-ha moments. If you’ve got questions, we want to hear them. If you’re struggling or need prayer, we want to know that too.

We want this to be a safe place where you can find and share encouragement, inspiration, and ideas. We want this to be a space where people come to learn and grow together, and that will happen best when you participate in the conversation.

Together can’t happen without you!

 Let’s Get Started!

To find out what’s in store this week, download the Week 1 Guide here. It has everything you need for this week’s study, including the first two chapters of Lifted (in case you don’t have a copy of the book yet).

We’ll start the study this week (and every week) with a video conversation between the author of Lifted, Lindsey Hale, and me. It’s perfectly imperfect. Enjoy!

Today’s Reflection

What are you most looking forward to with this study? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.