Lifted Book Study

Join us for this 5-week book study designed to help you ditch fear, obligation, and guilt—so you can live your best life.

If you feel overwhelmed by all the things going on in your life, you are not alone. But the reality is that you may feel alone. You may feel like no one gets the pressure you feel to be Pinterest perfect and to  be your best at everything you do. And this time of year only amps up the pressure as we head back to school and into the fall season, which leads to Thanksgiving and Christmas—yep, it’s just around the corner, which means your list of to-dos just got a few miles longer.

That’s why we’re kicking off this fall with a book study on Lifted by Lindsey Hale. The fact that this is a busy time of year means that there really couldn’t be a better time to focus on what really matters.

The subtitle of Lindsey’s book—How to Ditch Fear, Obligation, and Guilt and Live YOUR Best Life—resonates with busy women everywhere. Just imagine if you weren’t afraid of past mistakes or of what you thought other people were thinking about you. Just imagine if you felt free to pursue opportunities that you feel passionate about instead of slogging through a long list of obligations. And what if you could finally get over that “mom guilt” that has plagued you from the time your first child was born?

Can you imagine how freeing it would be to actually feel that FOG of fear, obligation, and guilt lifted from your life so you could focus on who and what is most important to you? That’s what this book and this study is about.

Lindsey Hale is a wife, mom of five, and a business leader and mentor to thousands of women. She knows what it means to be busy, overwhelmed, and stretched thin. One of the things we love most about her and her book is that she doesn’t shy away from talking about the hard parts of life—the challenges women face as moms and wives. Lindsey speaks from the heart—and she uses God’s Word as a guide as she leads us to consider how we can replace the FOG of fear, obligation, and guilt with forgiveness, opportunity, and grace.

  • If you are a busy woman—particularly a stressed-out mom or wife—who wants to break free from fear . . .
  • If you want to untangle yourself from oppressive obligations . . .
  • If you want to start this busy season with more grace and less guilt . . .

Then you are invited to join us for this book study.

Here’s the Scoop!

This five-week, guided study started September 9, and is designed to allow you to move at your own pace—because we know you’re busy!

When you register for the study below, you’ll receive the study-related materials as they become available each week during the study. And we hope you’ll chime in with your questions and aha-moments on the study blogs and on social media to help truly make this feel like a community.

To join the study, simply register below!

Be Sure to Get Your Copy of Lifted

You’ll want to get a copy of Lifted by Lindsey Hale for this book study. You can purchase Lifted at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Or, if you’re doing this study with a group, check out this page for orders of more than ten books.


Lifted Book Study | Week 1

Introduction — Join us as we move toward a more courageous and Lifted Life! 

Those Three Little Words: Fear, Obligation, and Guilt

How Are You REALLY Doing?

Lifted Book Study | Week 2

Introduction — Let’s talk about FOMO (the fear of missing out)

Is FOMO wrecking your relationships? 

What if you fly? 

Are you afraid people will think you’re pushy?

Lifted Book Study | Week 3

Introduction — Do you get hung up on perfectionism? (You aren’t alone!)

What’s your most embarrassing moment? 

How Praying for Your Enemies Helps You

Will you be my friend?

Lifted Book Study | Week 4

Introduction — How can you recognize a toxic relationship?

Is it time for a relationship reset?

Don’t Believe the Lies

Is not playing “pretend” a sin?

Lifted Book Study | Week 5

Introduction — What “good things” do you need to make space for in your life?

You were created for something good!

Love Keeps No Record of Wrongs